Tom life insurance review

4 min Read Published: 30 May 2024

Tom life insurance reviewIn this article, we review the life insurance company, Tom that offers dads life insurance to protect their families in case the worst were to happen. We'll also share an alternative way to get life insurance for your family with up to £100 cashback*.

What is Tom life insurance?

Tom life insurance distributes life insurance that is marketed to dads through its various online and social media marketing campaigns. You may come across Tom life insurance on your social media timeline where you will usually see a video testimonial from male celebrities including Tyson Fury, Duncan James, John Hartson and Neil Ruddock.

Once you submit your enquiry for life insurance, you will be contacted by a Tom Life Insurance adviser to discuss your requirements, circumstances and budget to determine the life insurance recommendation that will suit you. The same advisers provide life insurance advice through Polly life insurance for mums and Winston life insurance for Over 50s.

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Overview of Tom life insurance

Tom life insurance is the registered trading name for Candid Insurance Services Ltd. and is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. creates online and television campaigns targeting dads, raising awareness of the need for life insurance - the most recent of these features the British professional boxer, Tyson Fury. Since its inception in 2014, Tom life insurance says it helps dads find the right life insurance for free and has covered 50,000+  families with life insurance protecting them against financial hardship. Tom life insurance campaigns reveal that every 22 minutes a child in the UK loses a parent who they depend on.

You can read about different types of life insurance and illness insurance products on but speaking to an adviser will help you to understand which of these policies is best for you.

Types of life insurance available through Tom life insurance

The following types of life insurance are available to buy with Tom life insurance through

  • Level term life insurance - pays a lump sum of money if you die within the years that you're insured for and the payout is the same regardless of whether the claim is made in early or later years of the policy
  • Decreasing term life insurance - pays a lump sum if you die during the time you're insured but the amount of cover reduces each year, usually in line with how a repayment mortgage balance reduces
  • Family income benefit insurance - instead of a lump sum, this type of life insurance policy provides your family with an income if you die, up until the policy end date

Does Tom offer critical illness insurance?

Yes, you can usually arrange critical illness insurance. The specialist insurance brokers who deal with your enquiry will have access to quotes for critical illness cover. However, critical illness insurance is a more complex type of insurance than simple life insurance so if you're considering covering yourself against illnesses such as cancer, heart attack and stroke, you should speak with a critical illness insurance expert* who will recommend the best cover at the best price and not just the cheapest quote.

Can I get income protection with Tom life insurance?

Yes, can access quotes for income protection insurance. Income protection insurance is tailored based on your occupation and your specific financial needs. For example, there are limits on how much of your income can be insured using this type of policy and it's also worth working out how long your waiting period should be so that if you become sick you are able to claim enough money to cover your essential bills. It is worth speaking to a specialist for this type of insurance who can arrange it alongside any life insurance that you need - we provide details of this later in this article.

How good is Tom life insurance? is rated as 'Excellent' on independent customer review site Trustpilot scoring 4.7 out of 5.0 based on around 3,400 reviews. The positive reviews cite a fast response and helpful advice. Of the negative reviews, some have mentioned receiving 'multiple calls' and being faced with aggressive sales tactics.

How to buy Tom life insurance

After completing a short online questionnaire, your quotation request will be sent to a Tom life insurance adviser and you'll usually receive a call within a few minutes. The adviser should be able to discuss the different types of life insurance but it is likely that you will be asked a number of health questions before you are given a price for your life insurance.

Although, it can be helpful to complete the medical questions as your answers to these may change the price of your life insurance, most people prefer to receive quotations that are simply based on their age and smoker status before doing this as it can be a lengthy process.

Tom life insurance alternative

Buying life insurance can seem straightforward and bespoke to dads due to the way it is marketed but our experience of speaking to a Tom life insurance revealed that it may not differ from life insurance that is provided by other life insurance brokers.

A specialist life insurance adviser will add value by working out what you need based on your situation, explaining how different types of life insurance work and tailoring your life insurance to what you want to spend. They are even able to arrange a trust so you can make sure that any payout goes to the right people

We have vetted the services of a specialist life insurance broker*. The advisers are well trained to recommend the insurance that you need as well as get you the best price. As a Money to the Masses reader, you'll also receive up to £100 cashback if you buy your life insurance this way.



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