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28 Jun 2013

Written by Liam

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Should you protect your big day with wedding insurance?

wedding insurance Whether you are planning a grand wedding or a more intimate affair the cost involved will still be significant. All the planning that has gone into your big day could be ruined by an accident, illness or one of your suppliers going bust. With the average cost of a wedding now in excess of £20,000 it makes sense to protect your big investment by arranging wedding insurance.

What is generally covered under a wedding insurance policy?

  • Cancellation or rearrangement - If the wedding or reception is cancelled or rearranged due to illness, accident or bereavement of a member of the main wedding party then any loses incurred will be covered.
  • Failure of suppliers - Cover for costs involved in making alternative arrangements if a supplier goes bust or fails to fulfil their contractual obligations.
  • Wedding outfits -  Cover for loss or damage to wedding outfits belonging to the bride, groom or members of your wedding party.
  • Wedding cake and flowers - Cover for loss or damage to wedding cake and flowers.
  • Wedding cars - Costs involved if a car hire firm fails to meet their contractual obligations.
  • Wedding photography and video - Cover for expenses incurred in the taking/retaking of photographs or videos if the professional photographer does not turn up or photographs/videos are not delivered.
  • Wedding rings - Cover for loss or damage to wedding rings
  • Wedding gifts - Cover for loss, damage or theft of wedding gifts prior to and during the wedding.

What additional cover is available under a wedding insurance policy?

  • Cover for marquee hire
  • Overseas weddings
  • Personal liability and legal expenses

What is generally not covered under a wedding policy?

  • You change your mind
  • Can't afford to go ahead
  • Damage to wedding attire due to cleaning
  • Theft other than specifically stated in the policy

How is the cost of wedding insurance calculated?

Generally the cost of a policy will be dependent on the level of cover you require. John Lewis wedding insurance, for instance, offer six levels of cover with premiums starting as low as £58.

So is wedding insurance worth buying?

I would say a resounding yes! To sleep at night knowing that your preparations and hard earned cash are protected if a disaster happens is well worth the reasonable premium you will pay.



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