The simple trick that can cut over 25% off your car insurance premium

1 min Read Published: 29 May 2014

How to shave up to 26% off your car insurance premiumCar insurance quote massaging was recently featured in a Daily Telegraph article highlighting how a simple trick, known as quote massaging, can cut over 25% off your car insurance premium.

Just changing how you describe your occupation can have a dramatic effect on the size of your car insurance premiums. It does seem strange, but it is a fact, that insurance companies can place as much emphasis on your occupation as they do your age, car and driving record.

We have reproduced the full research carried out at the request of the Daily Telegraph below to give you an idea of how a change in your occupation description can shave pounds of your premium.

It goes without saying that you cannot lie about what you do for a living but some research when classifying your occupation may well pay dividends. More on how to quote massage can be found in my new book - 30 Day Money Plan - Fix your finances in 5 minutes a day.

Original Job (& Annual Premium) Alternative job title (& Annual Premium) Insurer Saving in £'s % Saving
Fashion Photographer Photographer
£487.60 £360.05 One Call Insurance £127.55 26.16%
Care Assistant Nurse
£375.24 £333.57 LV £41.67 11.10%
Administration clerk Civil servant
£333.57 £298.86 LV £34.71 10.41%
Student Teacher Teacher
£346.94 £312.74 LV £34.20 9.86%
Sales Director Company Director
£385.79 £349.24 esure £36.55 9.47%
Lawyer Barrister
£447.58 £414.20 AA £33.38 7.46%
Machinist Factory worker
£392.18 £363.60 Nationwide £28.58 7.29%
Shop Assistant Sales Assistant
£421.63 £401.53 directchoice £20.10 4.77%
Journalist Newspaper reporter
£627.52 £601.02 £26.50 4.22%