5 apps to save money on your food bills

2 min Read Published: 18 Jan 2024

5 of the best apps to save money on your food billsAccording to the Office of National Statistics (ONS), 38% of adults in Great Britain are spending more than usual when shopping for food. To help with the increased cost of your weekly food shop, we list our favourite apps that can help save you money on your grocery shopping. For additional ways to save money on your food shop, read our article, '12 ways to save money on your food bill'.

1 - Too Good To Go

Too Good To Go is an app that connects retailers and consumers in an effort to fight food waste. Each year, around a third of the food produced around the world is thrown away. To help combat this, retailers can list food on the Too Good To Go app that would have previously been thrown away. The items usually have a short shelf life and users can pick up items including 'mystery boxes' at heavily discounted prices. This app is perfect for stocking up on items before you do your main food shop or if you don't have any specific meals planned.

You can find out more by downloading the Too Good To Go app.

2 - Olio

Olio is an app that helps connect users who are looking to pass on unwanted items such as food, toiletries, toys and household items. Olio users list their unwanted items to pick up for free. There are also Olio volunteers on the app who collect unsold food items from local businesses and then share them with the Olio community. Users can also list other household items as well as wanted ads if there are items that they need. This app is great for those that have spare food they do not wish to throw away and also for low-income families that rely on other charitable ventures such as food banks.

To find out more about Olio, download the Olio app.

3 - Latest Deals supermarket comparison tool

The supermarket comparison tool from Latest Deals allows you to search for grocery items and easily compare prices across all of the top supermarkets in the UK. This app is perfect if you don't mind doing a little extra research before you shop and of course, you'll need to be living in a location that allows you to shop in a number of different supermarkets. I tried this out for myself and in about 20 minutes, I was able to save around £8 on my £60 food bill.

To compare supermarket prices, download the Latest Deals app.

4 - CheckoutSmart

This app rewards you with cashback when you buy certain products and brands that are listed within the app. To receive the cashback you'll need to buy the featured product, ensuring it is purchased at the retailer listed and then simply upload the receipt. The cashback will be credited to your account, usually within a couple of days. Rewards can be transferred to a Paypal account or your preferred bank and there is no processing fee if you are transferring £20 or more. This app is great for earning cashback on items you would have purchased anyway or you can easily substitute for another item.

To start earning cashback on your shopping download the CheckoutSmart app.

5 - Shopmium

Shopmium works in a similar way to CheckoutSmart by issuing cashback rewards when certain items are purchased. Additionally, Shopmium features promotions from time to time where users can try new products for free. Users need to upload a picture of the receipt and the cashback rewards are sent directly to your chosen Paypal or bank account and will usually arrive in 1-3 days.

For more information on Shopmium and to start earning cashback, download the Shopmium app.