10 of the best money-saving smartphone apps

5 min Read Published: 24 Apr 2012

iphones Spending Log

Log your income and expenditure so you can keep track of where your money is sent. Keep track of money going in and out of different accounts and categorise these transaction for easy analysis. You can set up accounts, categories and time periods to suit your circumstances and analyse these in a variety of different ways. You can also import transaction data from Companion Apps such as Fuel Economy Calculator and Mileage Logger.

  • Price - £0.69
  • User rating 5/5
Save on slimming classes and special foods by uses this great little calorie counting app. Extensive food database and amazingly fast food and exercise entry to help you lose those unwanted pounds. Automatically analyses the food you eat and shows you a breakdown of of carbohydrate, fat and protein. Complementary website and the ability to view friends progress to act as extra motivation. Set how much weight you want to lose on a weekly basis and this app will calculate exactly how many calories you are allowed each day and week.
  • Price - Free
  • User rating 5/5
Meter Readings
Closely monitor your household energy and water usage and keep your bills low. Once you start entering readings, you usage, costs and savings are calculated and displayed in easy to visualise graphs. UK users can also compare your usage and costs against energy suppliers in your area to see if you can save even more more money. You can even switch suppliers directly from your device!
  • Price - £0.69
  • User rating - 4.5/5
The UK's favourite money-saving mobile voucher app delivers big savings on the biggest brands straight to your iPhone. If you love saving money and you love big brands then you will love this app which has the biggest selection of discount vouchers in the UK.
  • Price - Free
  • User rating - 4.5/5
Many companies use 0870, 0845, 0800 numbers for customer service, which usually costs around 35p per minute to call. 0870 will turn these companies into 01, 02 (which come out of your contracted minutes) or cheaper 08 numbers.
  • Price - 69p
  • User rating - 3/5
This app searches thousands of online and local retailers for the best prices and features product results from Google, eBay and many more. Uses state-of-the-art barcode recognition that scans both barcodes and QR codes. Can purchase goods directly from within the app for home delivery or in-store pickup from selected stores. Create shopping and gift lists and share them via Facebook, email or SMS.
  • Price - Free
  • User rating - 4.5/5
The official app from trainline.com and is perfect for anyone who wants to view UK train times or buy tickets on the move. You can also download timetables and refer to them anytime. Buy and collect your tickets from the station right up to 10 minutes before departure or check the time of the last train home with one touch.
  • Price - Free
  • User rating 3.5/5
Find and book a table at the best restaurants with the best offers. Search deals in the location where you want to dine and book and confirm your table through the app. Booking is free and fast and can be added to your calendar.
  • Price - Free
  • User rating - 3.5/5
If you have an iPhone, on a pay monthly contract or a pay-as-you-go tariff, 3G data download is expensive. If you are a pay-as-you-go customer then every bit of data costs, while pay monthly users have a capped data limit included in their terms and conditions. Go over this limit and it will cost you if you want to download any more 3G data. Onavo sits in the background whilst you carry on using your iPhone in the normal way - unlike similar apps which actually alter your user experience (i.e by limiting your web browsing to text only). Onavo will compress all your data usage therefore allowing pay monthly customers to effectively triple their data allowance while slashing the cost of data for pay-as-you-go customers.
  • Price - Free
  • User rating - 5/5
Call, video call and instant message anyone on Skype for free on your iPhone, works over 3G or Wi-Fi . All participants must download the app prior to usage.
  • Price - Free
  • User rating 3/5



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