10 tips to save money on staycations

7 min Read Published: 16 Feb 2024

10 tips to save money on staycationsOne thing we as a nation hold dear to our hearts is the rest and relaxation of a holiday. While an exotic trip to Bali might be what we dream of, Brits have discovered the value and joy of ‘staycations’ for their annual getaway in an effort to switch off and relax without having to leave the country.

So while it may not sound as tropical, swapping the Black Forest for Blackpool, Saskatchewan for Skegness and The Maldives for Melton Mowbray can actually bring a number of benefits. It goes without saying that by staying in the UK you'll make an immediate saving on flights, transfers and expensive foreign hotels but there are many other ways you can cut down the cost of your staycation. In this article, we look at 10 of the easiest ways to save money on your staycation this year.

Getting There...

Getting there is half the fun… but not if it ends up costing you a fortune. Here are some tips to cut your spending:

1 - Find the quietest time to go

The last thing you want to start your holiday with is traffic. We all loathe it and it costs time and money. The best thing you can do to counter this is to find the quietest time of day to travel. This could be very early in the morning or last thing at night but either way it’ll stop you from getting stuck on the road for any longer than you should.

Download apps for your phone such as Waze to see how long on average it would take to drive there when leaving at different times throughout the day.

‘But how does this save me money?’ I hear you cry. Well, for each minute you spend either stuck in traffic or going much slower than you should, your miles per gallon will be significantly reduced. The smoother the ride is, the less fuel you use, thus lowering the price of the journey.

2 - Fill up your tank for the cheapest price

When going on a road trip although you might not be spending money on flights you’ll be paying for petrol. This can be costly depending on how far you travel - but there is a way to find the cheapest fuel while you’re on the road.

There’s an app called PetrolPrices, which will give you the prices of petrol and diesel at different petrol stations in the UK. This is very handy for when you’re on the road and want to find the cheapest prices for petrol and diesel, especially handy in an area you don't know.

You may think you are only saving a few pence per litre, but it can really add up to a considerable saving. Instead of filling up on the motorway for nearly £2.00 a litre, you could instead find a petrol station through the app selling it at much less, which saves you money on filling your tank. Do this every time and the money will add up. Additional ways to save money on petrol can be found in our article, 'How to save money on fuel'.

Staying There...

Likely to be the biggest expense of your staycation - especially if you prefer a bed to a tent. Here is what to think about:

3 - Find discounted places to stay

If you aren’t opting for a caravan or a camping holiday and need an actual roof over your head - you don’t have to break the bank. If an 'Airbnb' is what you’re looking for, do remember to check the property directly as well as through the app. Much of what you pay for an Airbnb property may go towards the cost of booking through Airbnb and you could save money for yourself and the property owner by going directly.

When it comes to hotels, you can save a bit of money on them by looking for discount codes or going through cashback websites such as Groupon, TopCashback* or Quidco.

4 - Make a budget for each day

It may sound incredibly simple, but it’s worth doing. Far too many holidays go over budget - purely for the reason that one isn’t set. If you can set a budget for the whole trip or on a daily basis and stick to it. Split your budget into different categories and factor in things such as entertainment, food, travel and accommodation.

This isn’t to say that you shouldn’t relax and enjoy your holiday, but keeping a rough check on how much you’re spending each day will keep you on track. The last thing you want is to come home and have to tighten your belts just for a few days on not monitoring your spending. Our article, 'Best budgeting apps in the UK' lists a number of useful apps to help you create a budget.


Arguably the most important thing is having some nice food to feast on - but it doesn’t always have to come at a premium. We share some tips to cut costs below:

5 - Bring your own food

There’s nothing quite like a home-cooked meal… and there’s nothing as cheap either. If your accommodation has a kitchen, or somewhere to prepare food, it’s a great idea to either bring your own - or stop off at a local Aldi or Lidl to make your meals. Meals on the day of arrival and departure can be a little more functional than leisurely and planning ahead could save the extra spend at service stations or takeaways.

Even if it’s just microwave meals, sure it might not be the healthiest or tastiest, but it’ll save you a decent stack of cash. If your accommodation doesn’t have anywhere to make food, you can still buy some bread and fillings to make your own sandwiches and turn it into a packed lunch for your family if you’re out and about.

6 - Make sure you use restaurant offers

While you can bring your own food with you on a staycation it might take the magic away, having to cook for yourself. But fear not - staying in the UK means that there is an abundance of offers available to you.

Many pubs, restaurants and cafes offer free meals to young children when eating with adults and these can not only save you money but usually cater well for fussy eaters.

You can take advantage of discount schemes such as Meerkat Meals or Tastecard in order to get 2-for-1 or discounted meals for your group. Tastecard currently has a limited offer with 60% off yearly membership. Only certain chains are included, however, so it’s worth having a look beforehand to see what deals are available.


Keeping the kids (or yourself) entertained doesn’t have to break the bank. There are plenty of ways to cut down your spending:

7 - Find discount vouchers for days out

Theme parks, aquariums and leisure centres are a great way to have fun in the British sun. For a large family, however, you could end up paying £100s for just a day out. Luckily there are often discount vouchers for 2-for-1 entry to some of the UK’s biggest attractions.

Last summer, on promotional packs of Heinz products such as beans and ketchup, there was an offer that got you a free ticket at certain attractions around the UK. You could use up to 2 codes a day, so it was possible for your whole family to get a 2-for-1 entry. The 2023 Heinz offer has now expired but keep your eyes peeled for any new offers being launched this year.

There have been similar offers found in a variety of Kellogg's products which could get you savings at a number of UK attractions. Tickets to theme parks and attractions such as Sealife and the Dungeons can cost between £25-£50 each and so it could add up to a huge saving. More information can be found in our article, '15 ways to save money entertaining your kids this summer'.

8 - Go to free attractions

As much as spending money is part and parcel of going on holiday, you don’t have to splurge to have a good time. There are some amazing free things to do in every corner of this country, including museums, beaches and national parks. You’re always sure to find something that can take up a day that won’t take over your wallet. If you’re stuck for ideas, plug your destination into Tripadvisor and it will give you some ideas of local places to visit.

9 - Hit the pool for free

If you wanted a swim on your holiday, there is a cheeky way that you can get access to a local pool without paying for anything.

A lot of gyms around the country offer free trials, so you can experience their gyms before you start paying for membership. If you find a gym nearby that has a pool, then you can get access to that too! Have a look for chain gyms such as Village Gyms, Fitness First, David Lloyd & Bannatyne. If there is one close by, see if they have any free trial offers.

Some of these gyms offer 1 day free passes and some have 2 week trials where, after the trial period is over, they start taking money from you. One caveat to this is - if any of them make you sign up ready for a monthly direct debit after your free trial is over - make sure you cancel before you leave, as it may end up being costly.

10 - Bring some games

If you have a stack of board games at home that you rarely play or if have games/apps on your phone or tablet - why not make use of them?

Block out a night for staying in and having a ‘games night’. It’s pretty much free (except for any drinks you might need) and it’s a nice way to unwind and have fun at the end of the day. If you don’t have any board games, you can always pay a visit to a local charity shop. They are always filled with board games of every kind and are usually no more than a few pounds.


While you may not be heading as far on holiday if you decide to book a staycation, you can take solace in the fact that it won’t break the bank. With these extra tips, it could mean your staycation will be cheaper than you ever imagined. Don't forget to book travel insurance for your stay too, if you want cover in the event you need to cancel. More information on travel insurance and if you need it for a staycation can be found in our article, 'Do I need travel insurance for a staycation?'





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