3 Quick Links – How to keep one step ahead of the stock market, How to protect your portfolio against inflation or deflation and a note on Japan

1 min read Published: 12 Mar 2010

As the title suggests here are 3 links which you should find interesting. Today’s selection all have an investment slant and may give food for thought when building your investment/share portfolios.

  1. https://www.citywire.co.uk/adviser/-/news/market-and-shares/content.aspx?ID=387541 - Merrill Lynch see the biggest risk to its outlook for the markets is a double dip but beyond that there remain worries about whether deflation or inflation will be the next obstacle for investors to overcome. This article contains their advice on how to position your portfolio for inflation or deflation.
  2. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/personalfinance/comment/iancowie/7424374/Japan-is-unloved-under-owned-and-most-importantly-undervalued.html - Five of the top 10 performers out of 1,965 unit trusts this year so far are Japan funds, but the sector is shunned by investors. An interesting read.
  3. https://www.moneyweek.com/investment-advice/how-to-invest/three-signals-to-watch-for-safer-investing-01009.aspx - Three 'action signals' to keep you one step ahead of stock market movements