3 quick links – Investing in gold

1 min read Published: 11 Oct 2010
Image: Salvatore Vuono / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

 The how, what and why of investing in gold for the beginner. 

 The price of gold has increased by over 22% this year setting record price highs along the way. So understandably the word ‘gold’ is on every investor’s lips. Today’s 3 quick links aim at answering the how, what and why of investing in gold:  

Link 1 – a comprehensive beginner’s guide to investing in gold and how to go about it.  

Link 2  -this article (from page 2 onwards) explains the key price drivers of gold.  

Link 3 – discusses when the current gold surge will end. While the author, Dominic Frisby, would gold plate his gran if he could his analysis on all things golden is second to none in my opinion. 

 If you are interested in investing in gold equities via collective funds, tomorrow I will publish the top 5 funds with the greatest exposure to the precious metal.