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31 Jul 2014

Written by Damien

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5 of the Best money saving apps for drivers

best money saving apps for driversBelow I have complied a list of 5 of the best money saving apps for drivers which can save drivers time and money. From parking and speeding fines to free SatNavs the advent of the smartphone has cut the cost of motoring. If you have any other personal favourites be sure to add them in the comments box at the foot of the article.

Free SatNav

Cost: Free

Savings: £100+

Availability: iphone and Android

There's a number of free SatNav apps out there but my personal favourite is Waze. But it is not just cost alone that sets this app out from dedicated SatNav units, it's that it uses realtime information from other Waze users to help you avoid traffic jams. So if other Waze users hit traffic and slow down, your Waze will re-route you to avoid the jam if it is on your journey.

Not only that but other Waze users (known as Wazers) can update the app on the fly telling you about accidents, hidden police cars and speed cameras! Plus maps are continually updated for free unlike the dedicated SatNavs, nor do you have to buy new maps when you drive abroad. I've even used Waze to drive in America. Another clever feature is that the app learns your preferred routes while you drive and will use these in future.

The app only uses your mobile phone's data connection for live traffic updates and calculating your ETA so it doesn't eat up your monthly data allowance. I converted to Waze from using a dedicated TomTom a few years ago and I'd never go back. However, Waze does not have the Advanced Lane Guidance feature that some dedicated SatNavs include.

Find free parking - AA Parking

Cost: £1.99

Savings: plenty of parking fines and cheaper parking!

Availability: iphone and Android

Using this app you can source the cheapest parking at your chosen destination. The app covers all paid and free car parks in the UK and Ireland, plus it provides data on street pay and display parking. The app even shows real-time parking space availability at selected car parks, plus map functionality. A great app with which you will make back the purchase price almost immediately.

Cheaper petrol - WhatGas Petrol Prices

Cost: Free

Savings: ££s

Availability: iphone and Android

There are a number of petrol price comparison apps out there, some which are updated by a monitoring of transactions others where prices are updated by users. WhatGas Petrol Prices falls into the latter group. Using the app you can source the cheapest petrol price in your area before filling up. Of course the data relies on other users updating the prices, therein lies its main criticism. But it is not only the most highly rated petrol comparison app on the app store but it also the cheapest.

Save petrol - Driving Curve

Cost: Free

Savings: ££s

Availability: iphone and Android

If you drive more efficiently (such as accelerating more smoothly) you can slash your fuel bill. If you ignore the games and leader boards included, this app can monitor and analyse the way you drive and improve your fuel efficiency.

MS Car Insurance

Cost: Free

Savings: £100s

Availability: iphone and Android

The above apps have managed to cut the cost of petrol, parking and help avoid speeding tickets and shelling out on SatNavs. This app aims to cut your car insurance bill. Provided by MoneySupermarket the app lets you compare car insurance quotes, much like you do on their website. But this is not a bad way to do a spot of research while on the train to work before shopping around with other price comparison sites as well.

(image by winnond, freedigitalphotos.net)

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