Get a brand new (branded) car for £40 a month – Money tip #250

1 min read Published: 30 May 2014

advertise on your car


While not for everyone, but it is possible to lease a brand new car for as little as £40 a month, if you are prepared to allow a company to advertise on it.

How it works

CarQuids is a website which matches up advertisers with car owners and will pay them up to £200 a month to have an advert placed on their car.

But the website is now allowing subsided car leasing whereby drivers are given up to £100 a month off the monthly payments in exchange for becoming a mobile advert. For as little as £40 a month the company will lease a Ford Fiesta to you.

The catch

Aside from driving the car equivalent of a sandwich board, there are initial up front set up costs with figures in the region of £700-£800 being quoted. Also you have to pay the MOT, insurance and petrol as you'd expect, but you must also have a clean driving licence.

In addition, there is a cap on the annual mileage (8,000 miles) allowed before additional costs are incurred. So while choosing to advertise on your car is a neat idea it wouldn't suit any long distance drivers.

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