Check your car insurance covers valet parking – Money tip #251

1 min read Published: 09 Jun 2014

Check your car insurance covers valet parkingMany of us will think nothing of using valet parking when parking our car at the airport before we jet off on holiday. Yet latest research suggests that over half of car insurance will not pay out if your car is damaged while left in valet parking.

Check your car insurance before handing over your car keys reviewed 245 comprehensive car insurance policies and found that  51% of policies don’t cover damage to the vehicle whilst in the control of valet parking staff. Which would mean that if your car is damaged by a valet parking attendant you will be left footing the bill. The research goes on to recommend that"

"..before you hand over your keys you need to check the implications for your car insurance and carefully read the valet parking operator’s terms and conditions. These will outline what insurance cover, if any, the operator offers, detailing exclusions, limits and excesses. Generally speaking operators offer very limited cover for damage to your car, which you will need to spot and report to them when you collect your vehicle. Possessions left in your car are generally excluded."

So check your car insurance covers valet parking and if not then you may need to rethink your plans and perhaps park onsite.

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