Find out what benefits you are entitled to if any – 6 mins

1 min Read Published: 29 Jul 2019

What you need to do

  1. Open the entitledto tool online.
  2. Answer a series of simple questions on-screen and you will be shown which benefits you may be entitled to and an estimate of their value.  These include income-related benefits, tax credits, contribution-based benefits, Council Tax Reduction, Carer’s Allowance, Universal Credit. (TIME TO COMPLETE - 6-7 MINS) 

If you are a student looking for information on financial assistance you can find it here.

The Theory

Billions of pounds’ worth of financial support is going unclaimed. In 2016/17 alone:

  • About 500,000 families failed to claim up to £2.4bn in income support, and employment and support allowance
  • About 1.3 million families failed to claim up to £3.5bn in pension credit
  • About 1.3 million families failed to claim up to £4.2bn in jobseeker’s allowance

So make sure you aren’t part of these statistics by claiming everything you’re entitled to. Although the benefits system is overly complex and confusing the official online tool (mentioned above) can check, in minutes, if you are missing out on any financial help that you are entitled to. It’s important even if you don’t think this is relevant to you that you still complete it – you may be pleasantly surprised.

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