Get a personalised statement of Paternity Leave Rights & Pay entitlement – online in 60 seconds

1 min read Published: 23 Mar 2012

baby Officially 'Fathers-to-be' could be entitled to up to two weeks' consecutive Ordinary Paternity Leave as long as they meet certain conditions. In addition, they may be entitled to Additional Paternity Leave if the child's mother is set to return to work.

The conditions that must be met to determine eligibility relate to their employment status, the length of time they've been with an employer and their family circumstances.

However, assessing these conditions and their impact on your right to Paternity Leave entitlement and Ordinary Statutory Paternity Pay can be confusing.

The online tool that does the hard work for you

But now there is an official online paternity rights tool that asks you a series of of simple questions in order to produce a personalised statement of your rights at work during the birth of your child.

In addition, it provides guidance on any entitlement to Additional Paternity Leave. So if you are a father-to-be make sure you know your rights by using this handy tool. It will only take a minute.