How to find holiday ideas and the cheapest flights in seconds

3 min Read Published: 09 Mar 2015

How I find holiday ideas and the cheapest flights in seconds using Google flights

How I find holiday ideas and the cheapest flights in seconds using Google flights

We all love our holidays and often want to get away for a few days to recharge our batteries. So when I get the holiday urge I use Google flights to find the best deals.

How does Google flights work & why is it so good?

Once you are on the Google flights website just enter the airport you want to fly from and you will be presented with an amazing map showing all the destinations. For instance, if you enter 'London (all airports) you will see a map of Europe will all the destinations marked with a red dot.

If you click on the 'Expand map' option you will see a larger selection of destinations and next to each destination will be shown the cheapest available flight. Click on a destination and a box will pop up showing details of that flight and further flight options and prices. A handy bar graph at the bottom of the pop up box also shows how prices change over time.

What other Google flight features are worth using?

  • Pick a specific date - choose the date you want to get the cheapest flights for and see the flights for that particular date, you can use the bar graph to see how prices changes if you fly a day earlier or later
  • Tips - within the flight details section you will see 'Tips' that can make your trip even cheaper. So for example, it might suggest 'if your fly back on Wednesday at 6pm you will save £82'. That is an amazing feature
  • 'I feel lucky' option - if you are looking for a break but not sure where to go then click on the 'I feel lucky' button to get some suggestions
  • 'Save this itinerary' & price alerts - sign in with your google email account and then when you find a flight you can save this flight by clicking on the 'Save this itinerary' button and receive an email if the price changes
  • Book your flight - once you have found a flight you can book your flights immediately by clicking on the button

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