How to check if you’ve overpaid tax in 60 seconds

1 min read Published: 03 Dec 2013
The quick way to check whether you have paid the correct amount of income tax

If you think that you may have paid too much income tax and could be due a refund then HMRC have a handy tax checker tool that can tell you either way.

Who can use the Tax checker

The HMRC tax checker tool can be used if

  • you were born after 5 April 1948
  • you're a basic rate (20 per cent) or higher rate (40 per cent) taxpayer
  • you get the basic Personal Allowance of £11,000 (2016-17 tax year)

However, it can't be used by anyone where any of the following apply:

  • you are entitled to claim Married Couple's Allowance
  • you were born on or before 5 April 1948 and get the higher allowances
  • your income is over £100,000
  • you have other taxable income such as income from dividends and trusts
  • you receive taxable State benefits
  • you're self-employed

Use the tax checker

The tax checker is quick and easy to use and if the result estimates that you may have overpaid tax it will also tell you how to go about claiming a refund. Get started and use the HMRC TAX CHECKER.