How to get compensation for pothole damage to your car – Money tip #234

1 min Read Published: 12 Nov 2013


If your car is damaged by hitting a pothole it is possible to make a claim against the council responsible for maintaining the road. Simply visit  for advice on how to report a pothole and how to make a claim for compensation. has a wealth of information categorised as follows:

The Facts

Some interesting facts about the cost of pothole damage to UK motorists and the cost of maintenance of our highways.

Find Potholes

You can search for potholes that have been reported by readers of the website.

Report a Pothole

If you have seen (or hit) a pothole you can report it on the website so helping other motorists to avoid damage to their car. Once you have reported a pothole you will then be given help in reporting the pothole to your local council.

How to claim 

This is a step-by-step guide to help you make a claim for pothole damage as well as contact information for all councils in the UK. You can also ask other users for advice regarding making a claim and other pothole issues.

Read stories 

Real stories about how people have been affected by potholes together with some successful claim stories.

Write a story

Why not chronicle your experience and help other motorists at the same time.


Potholes and poorly maintained roads are always making headlines and this section will keep you up to date.


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