How to get the best prices when shopping on the internet

1 min Read Published: 09 Oct 2014

How to get the best prices when shopping on the internet

man on computerA recent analysis of internet shopping habits has revealed that significant savings can be made by shoppers making changes to the way they use the Google search function.

The analysis carried out by search marketing agency Acccuracast, on 401 UK retailers, price comparison sites and portals, has found that:

  • Almost half of all purchases are cheaper on Google ads than Google organic search, based on analysis of 880 search results over a range of electronics, clothing and consumer products
  • One in three purchases are cheaper beyond page 1 of Google search
  • Consumers could save up to 10% by simply clicking on the Google ad on page 1 of the search rather than a result in the organic search results, based on 12 specific items analysed across the 401 sites
  • Only 24% of items were cheaper on page 1 compared to subsequent pages

As 95% of all internet searches never go beyond page 1 of the search results consumers are losing out on potential savings according to this research.

When researching items, particularly big ticket items such as TVs and games consoles, make sure you look deeper into Google's search results as well as include the Google ads in your research to bag a bargain.