How to rent for free and see the world – Money tip #197

1 min read Published: 11 Oct 2012

 Most of us have house sat for a friend but have you ever thought about doing it for a stranger? There are a number of established websites out there, such as, which help homeowners find house and pet sitters.

For homeowners the benefits are obvious, a happy pet and/or secure home during a period of absence, for a fee to the website.

But for house sitters themselves there are a number of benefits:

  • House sitters can usually live rent/bill free in exchange for their services
  • You can choose assignments in the UK or more exotic locations around the world.
  • Long term house sitters can save thousands a year on rent.
  • For those who can work remotely the combination of rent free accommodation and office space gives them a truly exciting and flexible lifestyle.
  • Or you can simply house sit as an alternative to renting a hotel room or holiday accommodation.

How much does it cost to get started?

Some websites are free to register with while others such as charge an annual registration fee of £38 to both home owners and house sitters.

So what are you waiting for, live the dream and save a fortune.

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