How to save £8,000 on the price of a new van – Money tip #166

1 min Read Published: 29 Feb 2012

Van Van buyers will be able to receive 20%, up to £8,000, off the cost of a new van under the new Government Plug-in Van Grant.

What is the Plug-in Van Grant?

This is a scheme launched by the government to encourage van owners to switch from normal diesel or petrol vehicles to the more environmentally friendly  electric version.

How much could I save with the Plug-in Van Grant?

You could save as much as £8,000 off one of seven models of electric vans. It is open to both businesses and individuals.

What are the eligible vehicles under the Plug-in Van Grant?

The first seven vans eligible for the grants are:

- Azure Dynamics - Transit Connect Electric

- Daimler-Mercedes Benz - Vito E-Cell

- Faam - Jolly 2000

- Faam - ECOMILE

- Mia-electric - Mia U

- Renault Kangoo ZE variants

- Smith Electric - Smith Edison variants SE2, SE3

What is the application process for the Plug-in Van Grant?

There are no application forms to fill in. The dealership or vendor you are buying your van from will complete all the paperwork on your behalf . The amount of your grant will be automatically deducted from the price at point of purchase.
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