The easy way to make a complaint against a company

2 min Read Published: 04 Sep 2015

Make complaining quick and simple by using Resolver

angry manIf you have experienced poor service, purchased faulty goods or been sold something you didn't need then making a complaint is the only way to get things resolved. However, actually making a complaint in the correct manner and receiving a satisfactory response is far from easy. We have all experienced hanging on the end of a telephone line, getting swamped in paperwork and ending up wondering why we bothered.

Now help is at hand with a new free service called Resolver that can make you more organised in the way you make a complaint and hopefully more successful in achieving the right result.

What is Resolver?

Resolver is a free complaints management service that will handle your complaint from start to finish. Once you have created an account Resolver will do the following:

  • provide email templates that are proven to get a response and reflect how you are feeling and what you want to happen
  • give you access to details on more than 5,000 companies including who to complain to within those companies
  • direct any email responses into your personal Resolver file and you will be emailed when they arrive
  • if you download the Resolver smartphone app it will then record and store your complaint call in your file
  • save and upload all relevant documents in your own case file
  • keep track of your complaint and If your complaint has not been resolved in eight weeks your case file will be ready to be forwarded to the relevant Ombudsman

So next time you are ready to complain why not give this new service a try, you have nothing to lose.