Make money from the photos on your smartphone

1 min Read Published: 15 Aug 2014

Make money from the photos on your smartphone - there's an app for thatMake money from the photos on your smartphone - there's an app for that

Since the launch of the smartphone the taking of photographs has grown dramatically, from the much maligned selfie to top quality pictures of holidays, family and other life events.

Many smartphone users have now found a new absorbing hobby creating wonderful images that only a few years ago year required the purchase of expensive equipment to produce.

This new breed of photographer is now being recognised as a source for good quality striking images much sought after by companies to promote their brand and products.

A website called Snapwire was launched in late 2013 to offer this new breed of talented photographers a shop window for their creations.

How does Snapwire work?

People or companies create a request for photos, say beach views or waterfalls and registered photographers can submit their best photos to be considered.

Potential buyers can view these submitted photos and nominate their favourites prior to purchasing them. If any of your photos are purchased you will get paid directly via Paypal with the amount you receive set by the buyer.

How do I submit photos to Snapwire?

Once signed up you can submit photos to Snapwire which they will approve for quality. Once you are approved you can start building your portfolio to start getting noticed and nominated. You can also submit photos to a 'Challenge' where potential buyers are asking for photographs in a theme. When you submit to a Challenge you can see how much you will be paid if your photo is purchased. Potential buyers can also view your portfolio and purchase directly from there.

How much can I get paid from Snapwire

Most photographs are bought for a few dollars but some can attract payment in the thousands of dollars. Once you build up your reputation you can start aiming for these higher payments.

Do I need to buy an expensive camera to improve my photographs?

Around 60% of Snapwire photos are shot on a smartphone so no expensive equipment is required. However the photographs do need to be of a good standard.

What are the standard requirements for submitted photographs?

Make sure photos are clean without borders and have a commercial appeal with a good use of light, avoid submitting 'happy snaps'. You will also have to obtain the permission from all identifiable people in your photographs.

Is there a smartphone app for Snapwire?

There is currently only an iPhone app available for the smartphone. This app will allow you to upload photos direct from your mobile phone.