Make money renting out your home as a film set – Money tip #183

1 min read Published: 20 Jun 2012


Your home could make you from £750 to several thousand pounds a day by hiring it out as a film location.

How much can you earn?

The exact amount you can earn from hiring out your home depends on the home (the more 'wow' factor it has the better), where it is (inside the M25 is where most filming takes place) and the type of productions that takes place (films pay the most with photoshoots paying the least).

How to go about it

You will need to contact a location agent and get your property on their books. They'll source and book potential assignments and take a fee of around 15% of any commission. Two of the largest agencies are Sarah Eastel Film Locations and Location Works. In addition, you could try contacting the BBC locations department on 0208 225 9133.!