Money tip #112 – ‘Massage’ your car insurance quote and save money

1 min read Published: 17 Nov 2010
taken by Nick J Webb - flickr

Although baffling to some people, your job title actually affects how expensive your car insurance is. This is because your job is deemed to affect how you drive and also who you drive. These factors could result in higher claims in the event of an accident. So it follows that some job descriptions give rise to higher car insurance premiums than others,

While obviously you must be honest about what you do for a living (otherwise you are committing fraud) there is nothing wrong with what is known as 'quote massaging'. Some jobs can have more than one description – for example a 'solicitor' is also a 'lawyer'. So it is possible for you to use an alternative job description for what you do and slash your insurance premiums.

Money Saving Expert have created a handy 'car insurance job picker' tool, the aim of which is to 'beat the insurers just by changing your job title'. So have a go at massaging your car insurance quote and save money.

The best thing is - quote massaging is legitimate.