Money tip #133 – How to beat the Motorway Services price rip-off

1 min read Published: 15 Jun 2011

Every motorist knows that motorway services rip you off. They have a captive audience and an effective monopoly. Research has shown that high street chains such as Burger King, Marks & Spencer and WH Smith charge motorway drivers up to almost twice as much as they do their high street customers.

Despite continually ripping off motorists we often have no choice but to pull into motorway services for petrol or food. But if you travel a little further off the motorway, and into a nearby town or village, you will not only find a wider choice of restaurants, shops and petrol stations but you will also save a fistful of money. But this can be easier said than done, particularly when you don't know the area.

Two website that can save you money

Fortunately there are a couple of websites out there which do the searching for you. and are two websites that can find restaurants, petrol stations etc based on a motorway and a junction. Simply fill in where you are and start searching. Both sites are works in progress but they could save you money while making that 'pit stop' a bit more enjoyable.

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