Money tip #25 – How to find the best petrol price in your area and cut your bill

1 min Read Published: 17 Mar 2010


In a similar vain to my post on how to cut your energy bills I’m not going to produce a list of ways with to reduce your petrol consumption. I am not interested in changing your lifestyle but instead making your money go that bit further. So on the basis that your fuel consumption will remain the same the only other option for you is to pay less for your petrol.

As you may know, the price of petrol varies massively between individual petrol throughout the UK, even those run by the same company. The reason for these differences is down to the size of the company running the petrol station, the size of the station’s customer base and the size of the competition. All these factors will determine how much they can get away with charging.

So it makes perfect sense to shop around for the best price when filling up your car. Obviously driving about looking for the best forecourt price would be a false economy as the amount you saved would be offset by the cost of the petrol you used during your search. But there is an answer………

There are petrol price comparison websites which hunt out the best prices for you. I personally use By simply putting your postcode into their search engine they will tell you the cheapest petrol stations near your location and how far away they are. You will need to sign up to the website in order to start using it, but, to date they have sent me nothing more than a weekly email detailing the best petrol prices in my area. (hardly that intrusive). The savings can be significant, for example, in my area the difference between the most expensive and the cheapest petrol price is over 8%. The best idea is to keep an eye on which are the cheapest petrol stations in your area and fill up when you next drive past them. That way you are not wasting petrol trying to save money.

So you can see that with minimal effort you can cut your petrol costs.