Organise your money & life with Evernote smartphone app

1 min Read Published: 15 Jul 2014

Organise you money & life with Evernote smartphone app

Organise your whole life with Evernote smartphone app We all have hectic lives and struggle in our search for a work/life balance. Being organised is absolutely essential as we have an increasing amount of information and schedules for both work and leisure. If you have children you can throw into the mix school calendars, homework schedules and social events.

So, let me introduce to you my friend Evernote who helps me organise every aspect of my life.

What is Evernote?

Evernote is an online application that makes it simple to save information, images and schedules from your everyday life using your computer, smartphone or tablet.

  • create text, photo and audio notes
  • clip webpages including text, links and images
  • synchronise your notes over all your devices
  • send emails form your inbox straight into your Evernote email inbox to save and categorise
  • use folders (known as notebooks) and tags to keep all your items fully searchable
  • use the web clipper to easily save webpages with one click

How can Evernote help me control my life?

  • save spreadsheets and documents electronically, so no need to keep paper copies
  • scan documents and save them straight into Evernote
  • see a dress or shirt you like then take a photo with your smartphone and save it for future reference
  • have a nice bottle of wine at a restaurant then take a photo of the label as a reminder
  • save written meeting notes and Evernote can search for them, even reading your handwriting
  • see a webpage you want to refer to later then use 'web clipper' to save it
  • save your 'to do lists' or shopping lists and set reminders, all on your smartphone
  • share notes or whole notebooks with friends or colleagues, great for sharing ideas or conference notes
  • create a notebook for each member of the family and keep all relevant information in one place, all fully searchable
  • receive an email with an event booking confirmation and save it direct to your Evernote inbox so you can retrieve your reference number if needed
  • write notes containing insurance policy or other useful numbers so that you can retrieve them when needed

How much does Evernote cost?

  • the basic version of Evernote, which is enough for most peoples needs, is free
  • there is a premium upgrade available for a small monthly fee that will give you more capacity as well as other features