Students – get a refund on your TV licence

1 min read Published: 06 Jun 2013
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Get a refund on your TV licence

Money tip no. 220

Students try and wangle not paying for a TV licence, or think they don't need to as they live in shared in accommodation. I should know as I was one once. Unfortunately students will likely need a TV licence if they watch or record TV programmes as they are shown live on whatever device, as long as it doesn't run on batteries.

But once they have met their legal obligation and bought a tv licence they can get a refund for their summer holidays, if they pay annually. The rules state that if you move out of your term-time address during the summer months, you can ask for a refund of the cost of the licence for that time – which might be approximately £37. The one catch is that your TV licence is still valid for at least three full calendar months and you don’t need it again before it expires.

So the summer is approaching and if you fit the above criteria then apply for a TV licence refund, and make sure you tell your mates.

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