The 5 best Money Saving internet browser add-ons (Money tip #158)

1 min Read Published: 16 Jan 2012

shop online There are a number of internet browser add-ons which can save you money while you surf. They work in a variety of ways from finding you a cheaper deal to letting you know that you can earn cashback from the site you are currently on.

So read on, download and start saving money with no effort at all. Brilliant



(available on IE, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari)

The website claims InvisibleHand shows  ''a discreet notification when there are lower prices available on the product or flight you're shopping for. It then gives you a link directly to the lowest price.”

For the full lowdown see my article InvisibleHand – Does it really find the lowest prices online?



(availalbe on IE, Firefox and Chrome)

Similar to InvisibleHand in that you search as normal and booly will add price comparison to your results. But not only that it will also add money saving deals, and up to date coupon codes to the results as well.



(availalbe Firefox, Chrome and Safari)

This add-on is a cashback reminder toolbar for those who use the cashback site Quidco. The toolbar will automatically notify you if a retailer provides cashback. For an explanation of what cashback sites are and how they work see my article Cashback sites- make money when you shop online.



(availalbe Firefox Chrome Safari and Opera)

Ookong provides price history chart for many Amazon products, allows you to follow any product, and alerts you when the price drops. Simply browse Amazon and then click on the Ookong button to be alerted when the price drops


Window Shopper

(available on IE and Firefox)

This add-on allows you to see how much the item you are looking at costs at other sites and stores. Simply hover over the item and voila.



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