The quick way to find your dream house on the cheap

1 min Read Published: 06 Jan 2016

house onlineWhen you are searching for a new home you need all the help you can get to find your dream home. The website is a innovative service that will be an excellent addition to your armoury in your property search.

What is property-bee and how does it work?

Property-bee is an add-on toolbar for the popular web browser Firefox. Once you've downloaded it the next time you search for property on the Rightmove property portal it will show the following information.

  • when the property was put on the market, this will give an idea if the property is proving difficult to sell and if so the seller may be open to offers
  • whether the marketing price of the property has been changed since it was first listed, this is valuable information when negotiating a price
  • whether  the property has been 'sold subject to contract' previously which, if so, would raise questions on why the previous buyer pulled out of the purchase
  • any changes to the property details since it was first listed

Will I have to move away from my favourite web browser to Firefox?

There is no need to move away from your favourite web browser as Firefox can be installed alongside an existing browser (you can even use both at the same time)

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