The smartphone app that takes the hassle out of splitting a bill

1 min Read Published: 25 Apr 2013

Whether you are in a restaurant with friends, sharing accommodation or doing some grocery shopping there are times when you will need to split the bill.

This often creates problems regarding calculating the amount owed by each party and then ensuring that payment is received. Fret no more, as a new smartphone app can now make bill splitting a simple task that can be carried out on your smartphone.


This app is really simple  to use and free to download and here are some of its brilliant features.

  • just click on the + in the corner of the screen to enter a new bill
  • you can then enter a category of expenditure - groceries, dining out etc.
  • enter the names, emails or phone numbers of those you with whom you wish to split the bill
  • next enter a description of the bill, e.g. lunch, rent, grocery shopping
  • you then need to select whether you want the bill split equally or by exact amounts
  • you also have the option to add a description or photo ( e.g. receipt)

Once you have saved the bill an email or text will be automatically sent to those sharing the cost of the bill, providing the relevant email and phone details have been entered. If you have only entered the name of each party member then the bill details will only be saved to your smartphone.

If  a bill is payable on a regular basis, e.g. rent, then you can set an alert for every week, fortnight, month or year and a reminder will automatically be sent to each person sharing the bill.

This is all well and good, you ask, but what about the person who doesn't settle the bill immediately? Well, they've thought of that as well giving you the option to send a gentle reminder whenever you want - genius!

The app is available for iPhone, Android as well as on the Web.