Train delayed? Get a ticket refund with this new smartphone app

1 min Read Published: 22 Jan 2014

trainIt can be extremely frustrating if your train is delayed, missed meetings or connections can ruin your plans and your day. Whilst I can't promise to make your trains run on time I can introduce you to 'Train Refunds' a new smartphone app that may be able to get some of your money back.

What does Train Refund do?

 - once you register and enter your ticket details any delays will be shown on the app 

- just click on any delay shown and then click 'Claim' and a completed claim form will be sent to your inbox

- print off the completed claim form, sign it and send it to the address provided

- sit back and wait for your compensation to arrive

Can I claim for all delays?

Rules for claiming compensation vary by rail company but a general rule is that you can claim for delays in excess of 30 minutes. The Train Refund app will only show claimable refunds so you don't need to study all the various train company rules

How much compensation will I get?

Again the rules vary by train company but a general rule is that you will get a refund of 50% of your ticket price for delays over 30 minutes

Does Train Refund cover all train companies?

Train Refund covers over half of the UK rail network  and collects data and completes compensation forms for:

- Chiltern Railways

- First Capital Connect

- First Great Western

- First Transpennine Express

- Greater Anglia

- London Midland

- ScotRail

- Southeastern

- Translink NI Railways

- Virgin Trains

More services will be added soon

Is Train Refund free?

Yes the app itself is free but they will charge 69p when they first fill in a claim form for you