Turn your old iPhone into a home security system

2 min Read Published: 13 Jan 2015

Turn your old iPhone into a home security system

Turn your old iPhone into a home security system When you next upgrade your iPhone why not keep the old phone and turn it into a home security system. A free app called Manything can turn your old mobile phone into a motion-sensing security camera.

How does Manything work?

Just download the free app on both your old and current iPhone and register either by email or Facebook. You will then be presented with a screen similar to when you use video on your phone and you just press record to get going. Now position your old mobile in an area where you wish to record to get continuous recording from that area. Recordings up to 30 days are saved automatically but you have the option to create clips if you wish to save recordings for longer, this can be done using a pc or laptop.

How can I view my Manything recordings?

You will be able to view the recordings on your current mobile phone anytime by just opening the app. So when you are out and about you can keep an eye on things back home. There is also a motion option within the app that will send an alert to your current mobile phone when any motion occurs within the recording area. The settings for the motion sensor can be adjusted to screen out small motions to limit the amount of alerts you receive.


Image: stuart miles