5 of the best water & energy saving gadgets that can save you £100s

1 min Read Published: 14 Jan 2022

environmentally friendly light bulb If you've already made sure you are on the cheapest gas and electricity then what else can you do to cut your bills? Below are 5 of the best energy and water-saving gadgets on the market that are worth purchasing. By the way if you haven't yet reviewed your energy supplier yet then here's how to find the cheapest deal, switch and get cashback in 17 minutes.

5 of the best water & energy saving gadgets

1 - Radiator Booster

  • Costs  - around £25
  • Annual saving  - £70 - £140
  • How it works - a product that featured on Dragon's Den is a small tube that sits on the top of your radiator. Inside is a thermostatic fan which draws heat from behind the radiator and blows it around the room. It requires a nearby plug socket and makes a small amount of noise but can cut your heating bill by as much as 10%.

2 - Energy smart meter

  • Costs -  Free from energy company
  • Annual saving  - £25 - £75 (equivalent to 5-15% of your bill)
  • How it works - a small monitoring device is clipped to your electricity meter which sends details of your energy usage to a separate handheld screen. Armed with this information you can monitor and reduce your electricity usage and slash your bills. I guarantee the first hour after you have one of these installed will be spent wandering around your house switching things on and off while marvelling at the energy saved.

3 - LED light bulbs

  • Costs -  typically up to £10 a bulb
  • Annual saving  - £50 if you are replacing 5 bulbs
  • How it works - they use around 20% less energy to produce the same light output as a traditional filament bulb. Their life expectancy is supposedly 10 times that of a fluorescent bulb and 30 times longer than a normal filament. All you have to do is replace your existing bulbs with LED ones.

4 - Energenie standby savers

  • Costs -  £10 each unit
  • Annual saving  - £40 -50 if used on multiple standby devices in your house
  • How it works - you plug the Standby Saver into your electricity plug socket and then plug your electrical device (i.e. a TV which has a standby mode) into it. As soon as you put your TV into standby mode the Standby Saver will detect this and after a period of time shut off the electricity supply. The Energy Saving Trust estimate that the average household spends between £50 - £86 on electricity a year while devices are in standby mode.

5 - Hippo water saving bag

  • Costs -  £4.99 for 2
  • Annual saving  - £25 a year
  • How it works - apparently a typical family uses 70% of their water in the bathroom, with toilet flushing accounting for 30% of the household water use. Every time a toilet is flushed the Hippo saves up to 3 litres of water.