‘Assessed charging’ – the little known way to cut your water bill

1 min read Published: 11 Jan 2013

water If you live on your own, or don't have a large family, then a water meter may save you money. You can check how much by using this water meter calculator. Remember your water company has to install a meter for free if you request one.

But it may not always be possible for the water company to fit a water meter at a property, for example you may live in a flat with joint water pipes. However, that's not the end of the matter. While water companies might not like to shout about it, but they must offer you an 'assessed charge' as an alternative to your water rate.

How this is calculated varies between water companies but most commonly the assessed charge is based on:

  •  the number of bedrooms in your property
  • the type of property you live in
  • the number of people who live in the property
  • or a fixed charge based on the average metered bill in your company’s area.

Typically customers can expect to save between £50 and £100, similar to that if they were on a meter.