Compare the best energy auto-switching services in the UK – save money on utilities without even trying

5 min Read Published: 08 Jun 2023
Compare the best automatic energy switching service
We compare the best automatic energy switching service

The process of comparing and switching energy providers can be made easier by using an auto-switching energy service. An auto-switching service can automatically search for the best fixed-rate energy deals on the market and then switch you to the cheapest energy provider without you having to lift a finger.

In this article we compare the best auto-switching energy services, the difference between paid and free auto-energy switching services and the best comparison sites; remember though that comparison sites do not provide an auto-switching service and so it will be down to you to make the switches each time you compare.

Should I use an auto-switching service to find the best energy deal?

Currently, there are very few fixed-price energy deals that can beat the rate that is set by the energy price cap (£2,074 per year from 1st July 2023, based on an average dual fuel household) but that isn't to say things will stay like that forever. The energy price cap is reviewed every quarter and so we could see prices fall even further later this year, however, there is debate as to how much it may fall and for how long. It is worth noting that the energy price cap has been as high as £4,279 at its peak in January 2023 and so the price of energy has fallen significantly in recent months. Thankfully, consumers were not exposed to the worst of the price hikes with the government-subsidised Energy Price Guarantee (EPG) capping average energy bills at £2,500 per year until the end of June 2023.

The changing nature of the energy market and regular updates to the energy price cap can make it difficult to know whether fixing your energy tariff is the right decision for you. You can read more about the latest state of the energy market in our article 'Should I fix my energy prices?'

As energy prices fall, providers will want to entice new customers with their cheapest energy tariffs and so the best way to search the market for the cheapest fixed-price energy deals is to use an auto-switching service or energy comparison site. A key reason to use an auto-switching service is that once the initial offer period ends, customers are simply switched to the provider's standard rate tariff. If customers stay on their standard variable tariff and fail to shop around, they could end up missing out on cheaper energy deals. An automatic energy switching service can do the hard work for you, finding the best deals available and carrying out the switch on your behalf.

Many auto-switching services are currently unable to offer a switching service due to the limited number of fixed-price energy deals on the market right now. It may still be worth signing up, however, as most will provide updates as soon as there is a deal worth switching to.

The difference between free and paid auto-switching services

There are two types of auto-switching energy services available. You can opt to use a free service or a paid service and we explain the difference below.

How does a free auto-switching energy service work?

Free auto-switching energy services will display restricted results as they have partnerships with energy providers and so may only display the companies that pay them a commission. This could mean that you may not be offered the very best price available. If you'd rather not do the work yourself but want to ensure you are getting the best deal possible, you could opt to use a paid auto-switching energy service, which we explain in more detail below.

How does a paid auto-switching energy service work?

Auto-switching services that charge a fee are able to display all results (often described as 'whole of market') and so you can be sure that you are getting the very best deal. There are around 25 or so providers, some of which are unable or unwilling to pay a commission fee. By charging a fee, 'paid for' auto-switching services can display every provider (giving you more choice and potentially saving you more money overall). Obviously, if you are willing to put the work in yourself you could save even more money as you won't be paying a fee; remember though that you'll need to do a new search each year and it isn't as simple as using a comparison site (as most comparison sites do not display all providers).

Is it better to use a free auto-switching energy service or a paid auto-switching energy service?

It is not for us to say which is better. Some people prefer to opt for a free service and are happy to settle with the best deal based on a restricted panel of providers. Some people prefer to pay a small fee to ensure they can have access to every provider. You could find that by paying a small fee you get access to a provider that could save you hundreds of pounds, meaning the fee has paid for itself. Conversely, you could find that having paid a fee, the cheapest energy provider is one that shows up on one of the free switching services. Ultimately, the choice is yours however the only way to guarantee that you get switched to the very best energy deal is by using a paid service.

Best automatic energy switching services

The following comparison table compares the best automatic energy switching services. More information on each of the services can be found below the table.

Switchd Look After My Bills (not currently offering switching deals) BillBuddy Switchcraft
Automated tick tick tick tick
Whole of Market tick cross cross cross
App tick cross cross cross
Cost  Either Free £1.99, £3.49 or £4.99 per month Free Free Free
Customer Service Email only (phone & chat function once signed up) Phone (1 min) & email Email & chat function Phone (30 secs) & email
Our rating ***** **** **** ****

Switchd* - Good for accessing the best energy deals & the best tech

  • Offers a free service (restricted suppliers) or a paid-for service costing £1.99, £3.49 or £4.99 a month (depending on the service selected)
  • Access to all providers, so able to get the best deals
  • Slick website & advanced tech
  • Customer App
  • 3 months free subscription when signing up via our exclusive Money to the Masses offer*

Look After My Bills - Good customer service & simple site (not currently offering switch deals)

  • Free
  • Backed by Tej Lalvani and Jenny Campbell from Dragon's Den
  • Not whole of market, so deals are limited
  • Very basic website

BillBuddy* - Free service & AI chatbot

  • Free
  • Not whole of market, so deals are limited
  • Instant messaging service via your Facebook account
  • Helps to save on other household bills including broadband and home insurance

Switchcraft* - Free service & easy-to-use website

  • Free
  • User-friendly website
  • Not whole of market, so deals are limited
  • Good customer reviews

Best energy comparison sites

The following table compares the best energy comparison sites. Remember that comparison sites are not usually whole of market which may mean that you miss out on a better deal that is available elsewhere.

Compare the Market (AutoSergei) (Only offering switch alerts - not currently offering switch deals) Uswitch (Only offering switch alerts - not currently offering switch deals) Moneysavingexpert (Cheap Energy Club) (Allows you to sign up for weekly energy updates - not currently offering switch deals)
Automated cross cross cross
Whole of Market cross cross cross
App tick tick cross
Cost Free Free Free
Customer Service  Email updates Email updates Email updates
Our rating  *** *** ***



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