How to reduce your water bills

1 min Read Published: 14 Oct 2022

As the cost of living increases, finding ways to reduce your regular bills can go a long way toward easing the financial hardship caused. In this article, we look at ways to reduce your water bill.

Water meter vs Water rates

Around half of households in the UK are on a water meter while others continue to pay a flat rate based on location and the house.

First things first, if you are living in a house that has more bedrooms than individuals in the property, you're probably better off being on a water meter as your usage is likely to be less than what the water rate will assume. This should immediately save money each month. If you switch to a water meter, you will be able to control your bill through your usage but your bill will fluctuate which may not be your preference.

If you'd like to switch to a water meter, visit your water supplier's website.

Reduce your water usage to reduce your water bill

If you're on a water meter, you're more likely to be aware of your usage as your water bill will fluctuate according to what you use. But we share some money-saving tips below to help you reduce your water bill.

Tips to reduce your water bill on a water meter

  1. Use a bowl in your sink to wash vegetables and then use this to water your plants.
  2. Keep a jug of water in the fridge for a cool drink rather than keep running the tap.
  3. Only use your washing machine and dishwasher when you can put on a full load.
  4. Turn off the tap when cleaning your teeth, shaving or washing, you can waste up to 9 litres a minute by letting your water pour down the sink.
  5. Check for hidden leaks, by taking two, separate meter readings, one hour apart and don't use any water in this hour - the readings should be identical.
  6. Fix dripping taps, you can waste 90 litres a week from drips.
  7. Take a shower instead of a bath, you could save up to 400 litres a week.
  8. If you are showering turn off the water while you wash your hair and save up to 150 gallons a month.
  9. Don't wash your hair every day - washing hair too regularly can strip it of natural oils that it needs anyway.
  10. Install a water butt in the garden to collect rainwater and use this to water your plants.
  11. Don't overuse hoses or sprinklers in hot weather. A sprinkler can use as much water in an hour as a family of four will use in a week.

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