How to save money on boiler breakdown insurance

1 min Read Published: 04 Dec 2013

boilerWith winter upon us you will need to make sure that if your boiler breaks down you have either the funds to get it repaired or you are covered under a boiler breakdown insurance policy.

If you want to go down the route of obtaining boiler breakdown insurance here are a few tips that could save you money:

Shop around

Although seemingly obvious, many people simply take out boiler cover with their existing utility company. However there are a number of companies wanting your business so shop around using a price comparison site such as uswitch.

If you don't own the boiler then don't insure it

If you are living in rented accommodation then there is no need to take out boiler insurance, the boiler is the property of your landlord and it is his/her responsibility to keep it in good working order.

Decide what level of cover you want

There are various levels of cover offered by insurers from basic boiler cover through to full breakdown cover for boiler, central heating, domestic electrics and drainage. Make sure you check  the cover offered on each policy as some of the more expensive policies include an annual boiler service within the premium paid, which may prove more economical than paying for this separately.

Check your household insurance

Many insurers include emergency domestic cover on their household policies at no extra cost. You need to be aware, however, that this does only cover emergencies, so you need to understand what is the insurer's definition of an emergency.

Is your boiler too old to insure?

Most insurers will only cover boilers up to a certain age, so check the small print before purchasing. If your boiler is too old to be insured it may be time to invest in a new boiler because the cost of any future breakdown of your existing boiler will leave you out of pocket.

Always read the small print

All boiler breakdown cover policies are different so make sure are aware of the cover provided before purchasing. There may be limits on the number of call-outs each year as well as a limit on the amount covered on each call-out.

Prevention is better than cure

It will pay in the long run to invest in an annual boiler service, if it is not included in your boiler insurance or you decide against taking any out, and this will cost around £60. An annual service will flag up any wear and tear issues and give you an idea about when you will need to budget for a new boiler.