Now you can have multiple numbers on your existing mobile phone & save money

3 min Read Published: 21 Oct 2015

Now you can have multiple numbers on your existing mobile phone

It takes minutes to cut your mobile phone bill
It takes minutes to cut your mobile phone bill

Swytch, a UK based start-up, has announced the launch of a new smartphone app that allows you to have multiple UK mobile phone numbers on your existing smartphone, without the need for additional SIM cards.

How does Swytch work?

  • First of all download their free app
  • Once the app is downloaded then within 30 seconds users have access to additional mobile numbers
  • There is no need to change your phone, SIM card or network
  • The app allows up to 5 additional mobile numbers on one mobile device which means you don't have to spend money on additional expensive handsets
  • All phone numbers can be used for both incoming and outgoing calls and text messages
  • Wherever you are based in the world you can call and text using UK mobile numbers at local rates. Calls are made over wi-fi or via your existing mobile data allowance
  • That's because the additional numbers are not stored on your SIM but hosted in the cloud

Who will benefit most from the Sywtch service?

  • Provides an easy and cost-effective way for small businesses, freelancers and self-employed to add additional mobile phone numbers to an existing phone
  • UK expats are now able to maintain a UK mobile number while abroad
  • Businesses, freelancers and consultants based abroad can now better connect with their UK customers in a cost effective way
  • Can also provide added security as you can use an extra mobile number for all your internet activities such as eBay or online shopping

How can I save money with Swytch?

  • If you live abroad for long periods of time you can obtain a UK mobile number wherever you are based
  • You don't pay for incoming calls and get cheap outgoing calls & texts when abroad (see below)
  • Business owners can use extra lines for business purposes with a separate voicemail message providing a more professional greeting for customers and never lose business

How much does Swytch cost ongoing?

Swytch gives you one number free for six months. Incoming calls are free but there is a charge for outgoing calls. You do get a 50p credit but that won't last long. After that you pay £4.99 a month for each number, £14.99 for six months or £24.99 for a year although you don't have to commit to a contract. Outgoing phone calls are charged at around 6p a minute to other UK mobile phones and texts cost 6p which is comparable to a traditional pay-as-you-go contract.