An app that lets BT customers save money on expensive mobile calls

1 min read Published: 12 Mar 2014

It takes minutes to cut your mobile phone billBT customers can start to save money on expensive phone calls from their mobile with a free smartphone app, called BT SmartTalk.

How does SmartTalk work?

Once you have downloaded the app to your smartphone you then have to link it to your home telephone number. You can then make calls with your smartphone linked through your home telephone network using wi-fi or 3G and save yourself money on expensive calls.

What savings can I make with SmartTalk?

  • Free/cheaper 0800/0845/0870
  • Save mobile credit
  • Take your fixed line calling plan with you
  • Save on calls from abroad as if calling from the UK
  • Avoid roaming charges and hotel bills
  • Access your BT international bolt-ons on your mobile

Are there any other features on SmartTalk?

  • Available for up to five people
  • Make calls using wi-fi if your mobile reception is poor
  • Make calls on wi-fi even when your landline is in use
  • Syncs to your smartphone contacts list making it easier to use