When can my landlord increase my rent?

2 min Read Published: 04 Dec 2014

When can my landlord increase my rent?

When can my landlord increase my rentWe all need to budget to ensure we live within our means, so it's frustrating when our bills increase forcing us to readjust our outgoings to balance the books.

If you are renting a property your monthly rent will probably be your largest single expense so you need to know where you stand with regard to rent increases.

What type of tenancy have you got?

  • Assured shorthold tenancy - your rent cannot be increased during the fixed term (typically six months) but at the end of the fixed term your landlord can ask you to sign a new agreement with an increased rent.
  • Periodic tenancy (rolling on a week by week or month by month basis) - the landlord can only increase your rent if you agree or if the agreement allows for it or by giving you the correct written notice (one month for weekly or monthly paid rent, 6 months if you have a yearly tenancy)
  • Fixed term tenancy - the landlord can only increase your rent at the end of the fixed term, or sooner if you are in agreement

What level of increase can my landlord make?

  • if there is already a rent increase agreement in place then the landlord must adhere to this agreement and can only increase the rent at the time and by the amount stated in the agreement
  • any rental increase must be fair and realistic and in line with local rents for a similar property

Can I object to a rent increase?

If you think your rent increase is unfair you can apply to the Residential Property Tribunal to decide the rent amount by completing the application for determination of rent form

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