So how did the 80-20 Portfolio do during the Autumn sell-off?

4 min Read Published: 01 Dec 2014

Investing is a long-term game and you shouldn't obsess about short term fluctuations. After all, that is the founding principle on which 80-20 Investor was built - Empowering to maximise your returns from minimal effort.

The power of momentum investing is irrefutable, as countless academic papers will testify (see our FAQs section), and our own 80-20 Investor research enables DIY investors to harness it's power and apply it to unit trusts, ETFs and investment trusts. But not just that, our unique stop loss alerts aim to help those concerned about losing money avoid severe market crashes. You can find more information about how they work in our short video here.

Putting our bespoke qualitative research aside, and focussing on our 80-20 portfolio and stop loss alerts how did they fare during the market sell-off in the Autumn?

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