Dodl vs Moneyfarm – which is the best way to invest?

3 min Read Published: 10 May 2022

Dodl vs MoneyfarmIf you are weighing up where to invest your money, you may be choosing between investment platforms such as Moneyfarm and Dodl. In this article, we consider the pros and cons of robo-adviser Moneyfarm compared with investing app Dodl, including what they offer and how much they charge.

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Dodl vs Moneyfarm - which is better?

Dodl Moneyfarm
Services Investing app

Choice of 30 funds and 50 UK shares

Risk-rated portfolios

Digital investment advice

Products ISA, GIA (General Investment Account), Lifetime ISA, SIPP ISA, GIA, Junior ISA and SIPP
Minimum investment £100 or £25 monthly investment £500
Platform fees 0.15% (minimum £1 per month per product)

Additional underlying fund charges

Up to £10,000 - 0.75%

£10,001 to £20,000 - 0.70%

£20,001 to £50,000 - 0.65%

£50,001 to £100,000 - 0.60%

£100,001 to £250,000 - 0.45%

£250,001 to £500,000 - 0.40%

Over £500,000 - 0.35%

The fee you pay is based on the total value of your portfolio and so if you invest £75,000 you will pay a total fee of 0.60%

Additional underlying fund charges

Money to the Masses offer n/a No management fees for 12 months (terms and conditions apply)*

Dodl vs Moneyfarm - services

Moneyfarm is a robo-adviser style platform, which means it assesses your appetite for risk and then channels you into a suitable risk-rated portfolio. It also offers investment advice, which helps ensure you have the right portfolio if your circumstances change over time. In contrast, Dodl is an investing app, which allows users to construct their own portfolios from 30 funds - including risk-rated funds from parent company AJ Bell - and 50 UK shares. While it is structured in an easy-to-navigate way, it still requires investors to choose their own underlying holdings, while Moneyfarm provides a ready-made solution.

Dodl vs Moneyfarm - products

Both Dodl and Moneyfarm offer the basic accounts you would expect from an investment platform, namely a stocks and shares ISA, General Investment Account and pension. Moneyfarm also offers a Junior ISA, something that isn't currently offered by Dodl. You can read more about the Best Junior ISAs in our article "Best Junior stocks and shares ISA". Dodl does however offer a Lifetime ISA, something that is currently not available if you decide to invest with Moneyfarm. A Lifetime ISA can be used to save money for a house purchase or to fund retirement. If you are specifically interested in this type of wrapper, read our article "Lifetime ISAs explained - are they the best way to save?"

Dodl vs Moneyfarm - minimum investment

Investing with Moneyfarm requires a larger initial investment, with a minimum of £500 needed to open an account. Dodl is significantly less, needing a minimum lump sum of £100 or, alternatively, at least £25 per month as a regular investment.

Dodl vs Moneyfarm - platform fees

Dodl has positioned itself as a low-cost investment platform, with a fee of 0.15% (minimum £1 per month per product), no subscription fee and no commission on buying and selling. It's worth noting, however, that with the £1 minimum monthly fee, you only truly get the 0.15% rate when you invest more than £8,000.

Meanwhile, Moneyfarm has a reducing fee structure meaning as you invest more, you will pay less in fees. Fees start at 0.75% if investing less than £10,000, but can reduce to 0.35% depending on how much you invest. It is, however, possible to avoid management fees for the first year with our reader offer*.

Summary: Dodl vs Moneyfarm

Whether to invest using Dodl or Moneyfarm will largely come down to whether you want a simple, ready-made portfolio that is tailored to match your attitude to risk, or whether you are confident in constructing your own portfolio. If it is the former, robo-adviser Moneyfarm may be a better choice, albeit you'll pay more in fees. If, however, you want the option to invest in shares as well as funds and like the idea of being able to manage your investments from a well-designed app, Dodl may suit you better.


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