Dodl vs Vanguard – which is the cheapest and best?

2 min Read Published: 25 Apr 2022

Dodl vs Vanguard - which is the cheapest and best?Dodl, the new app-only investment platform from AJ Bell, has attracted attention because of its low fees and user-friendly style, which is targeted at people with little prior experience. It has immediately drawn comparisons with Vanguard Investor, which up until the launch was known as the cheapest platform in the UK. In this article, we compare the two offerings, summarising their key features and helping guide you to which may be better for you.

Dodl vs Vanguard - which is better?

Dodl Vanguard
Services Investing app

Choice of 30 funds and 50 UK stocks

LifeStrategy funds

Target Retirement funds

Personal financial advice for retirement planning

Products ISA, GIA (General Investment Account), Lifetime ISA, SIPP ISA, GIA (General Investment Account), Junior ISA, SIPP
Minimum investment £100 or £25 monthly investment £500 or £100 monthly investment
Platform fees 0.15% (minimum £1 per month, per account)

Additional underlying fund charges

0.15% (capped at £375 for accounts over £250,000)

Additional underlying fund charges

Customer reviews (Trustpilot) n/a 4.2/5.0


Dodl vs Vanguard - services

Dodl is quite different from Vanguard Investor as it is an app-only investment platform with a pared back range of options, with just 30 funds - 7 risk-rated AJ Bell portfolios and 23 themed funds - as well as 50 UK shares. Vanguard, meanwhile, has 75 funds that UK investors can access, including its popular LifeStrategy range. It also has Target Retirement funds, which is paired with advice on retirement planning.

It is worth bearing in mind that you can only access Vanguard funds through Vanguard Investor, while Dodl has funds from across a range of different investment houses, as well as offering shares in 50 UK companies.

Dodl vs Vanguard - products

While both Dodl and Vanguard offer stocks and shares ISAs, General Investment Accounts and pensions, there is a difference in the additional wrappers they have in their ranges. Vanguard has a Junior ISA, while Dodl has a Lifetime ISA. If you are particularly interested in those products, check out our article on the best Junior ISAs and guide on Lifetime ISAs.

Dodl vs Vanguard - minimum investment

If you want to open an account with Vanguard, it will require a larger initial outlay than with Dodl. The minimum investment if you want to put in a lump sum is £500 with Vanguard, while it is only £100 with Dodl. For regular investments, Vanguard requires at least £100 per month, while Dodl asks for a minimum of £25 per month. However, neither Vanguard or Dodl charges for withdrawing funds from your account.

Dodl vs Vanguard - platform fees

Dodl and Vanguard are currently the cheapest investment platforms in the UK, with a low platform fee of just 0.15% and no additional subscription fee or commission for buying or selling. However, the fact Dodl requires a minimum payment of £1 per month, per account means you only secure the 0.15% rate if you invest more than £8,000. Additionally, Vanguard works out cheaper once you reach the point of paying more than £375 per annum in fees. This is because it caps its charges at this level, while Dodl doesn't.

Summary: Dodl vs Vanguard

Investors need to weigh up whether they are looking for a more traditional platform or if they prefer the quirkier, jargon-free, app-only offering from Dodl. With the fees at a similar level for both platforms - notwithstanding the £1 minimum monthly payment with Dodl - until you reach the £375 mark, it is also a question of whether you are happy just to invest in Vanguard funds, or whether you'd value the greater degree of choice of different fund houses from Dodl, as well as being able to invest in shares.

For more details on both options, visit or Vanguard Investor review and Dodl review.