Guide to the 80-20 Investor Best Funds by Sector Selection

5 min Read Published: 19 Aug 2016

One problem all investors face is the sheer number of options out there. Without doubt investment funds are the best route for most DIY investors as they enable you to invest in a wide range of assets and businesses cost effectively. Yet there are over 2,000 funds out there to choose from.

While the good new is that 80-20 Investor's Best of the Best selection removes this choice overwhelm so that anyone, even a complete novice, can easily make informed decisions and invest with confidence.

But what about if you want to build a more bespoke portfolio? Then that's where the Best Funds by Sector section comes into its own.

What is the 80-20 Investor Best Funds by Sector and how to use it?

The 80-20 Investor Best Funds by Sector selection (sometimes referred to as the Best of the Rest) is updated every Saturday. This selection provides shortlists of funds, split by the Investment Association categories, which the 80-20 Investor algorithm identifies as having momentum and therefore a greater chance of continuing to outperform their sector peers. In short, we apply the 80-20 Investor algorithm to every sector to identify the funds worth considering.

It enables 80-20 Investor members to create their own portfolios based on their investment views. For example they may be particularly keen to invest in Japanese equities so want to look at a number of funds from that sector. Think of the Best Funds by Sector page as ‘have it your way’. The reason that the data is updated weekly is 1) to allow people to make fund choices whenever they want to and 2) in order to keep the data and selection current.

At the start of each month the Best of the Best fund selection is picked from the Best Funds by Sector list that is published on the same day. Even if you decide to focus on the Best of the Best Selection, the Best Funds by Sector section is useful if you find that your investment platform doesn't offer one of the funds listed as being in the Best of the Best list. You simply replace the fund with one of its peers from the same sector using the Best Funds by Sector page.

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