Should you be investing in European funds at the moment?

1 min Read Published: 08 Sep 2014

europeI was asked by a national newspaper journalist for my on whether now is a good time to invest in European funds. Here, exclusively for 80-20 Investor members are my thoughts in full.

Should be investing in European funds at the moment?

Interestingly in the last month the funds shedding the most money have mostly been European stock market funds. There were a few reasons for this, one of them being the nervousness surrounding the eurozone’s faltering economy.

Ironically it is the economic weakness that many hope will force the ECB into full scale Quantitative Easing (QE) or in other words printing money.. We only have to look at the UK, US & Japan to see what the likely outcome for stocks will be! They will rise in value.

Should investors be considering funds backing large or small cap stocks…and why?

On the whole European stocks are reasonable value, but clearly not as attractive as they once were. 

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