Is now a good time to invest in India?

6 min Read Published: 03 Jun 2014

is now a good time to invest in indiaIn this article I discuss whether now is a good time to invest in India and what are the best India funds to invest in?

The long term investment story for India is well documented.

  •  An enormous and youthful population,
  • with huge growth potential (GDP per head is almost a tenth of the UK’s)
  • a rapidly growing affluent middle class (by 2020 there will be more people with $10,000 of disposable income in India than the US)
  • and a corresponding increase in consumer spending (consumer debt levels and consumer goods penetrations are low - i.e. less than 5% of Indians have a car)

Coupled with a strong performance from Indian shares in 2014, is it any wonder that armchair investors are wondering if they should be investing in India's future?

What is the outlook for Indian equities?

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