Quickly find out your potential inheritance tax bill

3 min Read Published: 13 Jun 2017
Our free inheritance tax calculator will estimate your potential IHT bill

The average Inheritance Tax (IHT) bill in the UK is a staggering £170,000, yet reducing your liability is often simple. Ironically most people don't even know their own potential IHT bill until it's too late. That's why we built a simple inheritance tax calculator to help you estimate your potential IHT bill and then show you how to easily reduce it

Another important reason why we created the inheritance tax calculator was to show people how much of their hard-earned money the taxman could take when they die. You can find details of how to use the calculator below.

FREE inheritance tax chat for a limited time only

We also wanted to go one step further and actually help people legally and fairly stop the taxman from raiding their children's inheritance. That is why we have also negotiated a limited offer of a free inheritance tax check with a tax expert for readers of this article. Those quick enough to claim the offer will be able to have a FREE conversation with a local inheritance tax expert who will calculate their exact IHT bill based on the latest 2017 rules. They will also explain what steps you can take to reduce it. 

How to use our simple inheritance tax calculator

To quickly calculate your potential inheritance tax bill we have created a simple and easy to use inheritance tax calculator.

How to calculate an inheritance tax bill

  1. open the FREE inheritance tax calculator
  2. Enter the current value of your home, other properties, personal possessions, savings accounts and investments
  3. Enter the value of any life insurance policies that are due to pay out in the event of your death that are not written under trust
  4. Enter the value of any gifts made within the last seven years
  5. Put in the value of your outstanding mortgage and loans
  6. Click calculate

The inheritance tax calculator will tell you your likely (maximum) inheritance tax bill. You will be emailed the results along with some inheritance tax advice on how to reduce your inheritance tax bill. You will also be offered the chance to take advantage of a free inheritance tax telephone consultation.