10 New Year financial resolutions everyone should make

1 min Read Published: 06 Jan 2014

2014As we start 2014 it's time to think about the changes you want to make in your life. To help you on your way I have created a list of New Year resolutions for your finances. Simply click on a heading to be taken to a detailed explanation of how to achieve each resolution. Good luck.

1. Start 'big picture' budgeting

2. Make a will (you only need 10 minutes)

3. Give your retirement plans a 5 minute MOT

4. Bank online

5. Become debt free in 5 steps

6. Take out life insurance - why and how much

7. Review your mortgage - in 10 minutes

8. Spend less on petrol - the easy way

9. Build an Emergency Fund - what, how & why

10. Read my ebook - "30 day Money Plan (fix your finances in 5 mins a day)" which is now available for just 99p on kindle.