A request from the author

1 min read Published: 06 Apr 2010

This blog has been running for 2 months now and my enthusiasm for what I am doing has not diminished. I’d like to think that readers have not only found my posts informative and educational but they have also saved some money along the way. If you agree with any of this statement then why not refer a friend or mention this blog elsewhere on the internet  i.e. other blogs or forums.

In addition, please leave a comment when you’ve enjoyed or post, or even if you haven’t.  I think readership interaction is important in order to make sure my posts remain as relevant as possible.

Finally, I plan to start a new feature of Questions and Answers (Q&A). If you’ve got a question on a particular topic why not email me by clicking the ‘Contact’ tab at the top of this page. I will then post the answer on the blog for the benefit of other readers, but don’t worry you can remain anonymous if you wish.


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