Funds to ‘buy & forget’ in 2016

9 min Read Published: 29 Dec 2015

This time last year I carried out some bold research and picked the Funds to 'buy & forget' in 2015 & the Perfect Portfolio. I realise that some people may choose funds within the core of their portfolio to hold for the long term while applying 80-20 Investor's algorithm elsewhere in their portfolio. The original piece of research identified those funds that would be able to grow your portfolio but withstand market crashes. So how did my selection get on? What was the best buy and hold strategy in 2015? What about buy and hold funds for 2016?

2015's Buy and hold selection

You may recall that rather than just look at the best and worst performers over 2014, I analysed the performance and behaviour of funds during the 2 market sell-offs in 2014. I analysed every unit trust out there in the key buy and hold sectors. 

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